About Us

Cuttle Construction Company has successfully operated in Sacramento since 1968, and was originally established by Robert Cuttle.  After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Construction Management, Jim Cuttle spent many years working in commercial construction.  Ultimately, Jim joined Cuttle Construction and gained experience building some of the areas finest custom homes.  Jim has been building locally now for over 25 years.

Cuttle Construction is persuing a wide range of building opportunites.  We work to gain your buisness for projects large and small, residential or commercial. If you are in need of a contractor or just have questions we hope you give us a call. 

Construction Delivery

We support many of the construction delivery models in today's marketplace.  Owners can choose from a construction delivery that fits their needs. 

Negotiated Contract or Traditional Bid General Contract

Today the most prevalent contract is the traditional design-bid-build, where the general contractor is involved once the design process is complete and the plans are put out to a competitive bid.  While many clients prefer this traditional approach of seperating the design from the contracting, many are choosing to do so but with a negotiated contract.  A negotiated contract all estimating and accounting is open book, and line item costs are open to the owners.  Construction fees are agreed upon and a maximum price set before construction begins. 

Design-Build Contracting

With this model the owner saves significant time and money by entering into only one contract for design services and construction together.  Your contractor and designer, team up to deliver the project and as a result, communications and costs are streamlined.  The project is developed with an agreed upon maximum price.